Vehicle Access and Vehicle Egress Arrangements

Swept Path Analysis for vehicle access and vehicle egress at junctions and accesses is often required for various types of development.  The swept path analysis is used to demonstrate that the junction geometry is sufficient for the vehicle being assessed. If the swept path analysis shows that the junction can not accommodate the vehicle movement it allows the designer to see the extents of the swept path to amend the junction design.

The swept paths below show a 16.5m Articulated Vehicle, entering and exiting the site in forward gear.

Swept Path Analysis, 16.5m Articulated Vehicle, entering, exiting, forward gear

16.5m Articulated Vehicle

For this Autotrack analysis, a 16.5m Articulated Vehicle has been used to determine the swept path. This is the maximum legal UK articulated vehicle. The details of the vehicle used are illustrated below. The vehicle overall length is 16.5 metres and 2.5 metres wide with a 6.87 metre kerb to kerb turning radius.

Swept Path Analysis, Articulated Vehicle Specification

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